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Some of the Dry Lining / Drywall and Partition Systems we Supply & Install:

Plasterboard Partition drylining

British Gypsum Gypwall Classic

GypWall CLASSIC is the industry’s original lightweight non-loadbearing dry lining partition system, providing cost-effective, multi-purpose solutions suitable for all types of buildings.

Acoustic Partition Contrcator

British Gypsum Gypwall Quiet SF

GypWall QUIET is a lightweight, non-loadbearing, twin framed acoustic separating wall, often used in developments such as apartments, hotels, hospitals and schools where a high level of acoustic performance is required to either meet or exceed Building Regulations.

Curved Partitions and Drylining

British Gypsum Gypwall Curve

GypWall CURVE is a lightweight dry lining system specifically designed to provide curved walls and linings down to a radius of 600mm. This system provides a high degree of design flexibility and can be used to create imaginative spaces with great aesthetic impact.

Gypliner Wall Lining

British Gypsum Gyplyner

GypLyner UNIVERSAL is a cost-effective, virtually independent metal wall lining system. This system is commonly used where the external wall or substrate is very uneven or out of plumb.

Firecase Steel Encasement

British Gypsum Firecase

FireCase is a frameless structural steel encasement system that provides up to 120 minutes fire protection to a wide range of universal beam, column and joist sizes. Installation is quick and easy owing to the ability to fix Glasroc F FIRECASE boards to one another without the need for additional framing. The Glasroc F FIRECASE lining provides a smooth, robust surface with no requirement to joint or apply a decorative treatment.

Dot and Dab Contrator

British Gypsum Drilyner Basic

DriLyner BASIC lining system provides a straightforward solution for fixing Gyproc plasterboards directly to masonry backgrounds using gypsum adhesive dabs.

DriLyner BASIC is suitable for fixing a wide range of plasterboards to non-plastered masonry substrates

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Our Head Office is Located in Rainham, Essex

We are in an Ideal location to service projects in Essex, London and surrounding areas.

We are the Dry lining Contractor you are looking for!

We supply and install many different types of Partition and Drylining systems including:

1) Gypwall Classic

2) Gypwall Robust

3) Gypwall Quiet SF

4) Gypwall IWL

5) Gypwall Extreme

6) Gypwall Staggered

7) Shaftwall

8) Gyplyner Universal

9) Drilyner Basic (dot and dab)

10) Drilyner MF

Our team can provide you with advice on the best system for you or your business. For example we can offer solutions for acoustics, fire resistance, hygienic, impact resistant, moisture resistant etc.

Some of the Manufactures we work with include:

1) British Gypsum

2) Siniat

3) Lafarge

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Dry Lining Contractor London and Essex

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