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Some Plasterboard Ceiling Systems Supply & Install:

MF Ceiling plasterboard  drylining

Plasterboard MF Ceilings

Using components such as the MF5, MF6a, MF7 and MF9s the MF ceiling system is a fully concealed framework which supports plasterboard linings. This system has many advantages such as:

High level of design flexibility; bulkheads, gradients and changes in height can all be fully integrated.

Improvement to acoustic and fire performance can be achieved without the need to access the room above.

Acoustic plasterboard ceiling

Acoustic Plasterboard Ceilings

Using the MF metal frame system as described, we can dryline the framework with a number of boards and accessories to give better acoustic properties. We then install boards such as: Soundbloc, Gyptone Line 6, Quattro 41, Quattro 62 and SIXTO 63. We can meet your required dB levels, just get in touch to discuss.

Sound absorption: 0.35 - 0.85 (aw)

Sound insulation airbourne: 56 - 66 (Rw dB)

Sound insulation impact: 68 - 50 (Lnw dB)

Fire resistance: 30 - 120 (mins)

Fire rated plasterboard ceiling

Fire Rated Ceilings

We can meet your fire rating requirements using boards such as Fireline fixed to either existing joists (if suitable) or by installing an MF or Gyplyner metal system first.

Gyplyner Plasterboard Ceiling

Gyplyner Ceilings

We can install Gyplyner metal framework in areas where an MF ceiling will not be sufficient. This is normally about the same cost as a standard MF ceiling per m2.

Curved Plasterboard Ceiling

Other Plasterboard Ceilings

We can supply and install special ceiling such as curved MF and ceilings with light troughs, upstands and bulkheads. We can also provide more unique boards for the finish such as GRG and Fermacell.

Acoustic Hanger for Ceiling

Ceiling Accessories

We supply and install a large number of ceiling accessories, from access panells to GAH1, GAH2 and RB1 to the ceiling. We can also provide a large array of differant insulations specific to your requirements.

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